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Help Support Our Small Business that is Growing Strong!

Posted on May 7, 2013

Have you heard? Back to Eden has a wish.. A wish to expand our soft serve offerings and provide you, our wonderful patrons, with the tastiest, most allergen friendly, and satisfying options in town! Small Business, Growing Strong is a contest supported by Intuit that is granting wishes to small businesses all across the United States and Canada. Intuit believes that small businesses are the heart of the economy and the team here at Back to Eden couldn’t agree more!

Now, if you’ve been following our Facebook page, you may have seen our humble requests for votes. You might be wondering,  “what is this contest is all about?” Well, we are vying for a chance at up to $5000 to purchase a second soft serve machine and a few other items to bring you more options this summer!

As the days heat up, just imagine yourself enjoying our non-dairy soft serve or a scoop of Coconut Bliss in a house-made, vegan, and gluten-free waffle cone! I, personally, cannot wait! Has your Alberta Park Sundae been missing hot fudge? I know mine has! We’ve heard your requests and want to grant YOUR wish for waffle cones, hot fudge, whipped cream, and so much more. Before that all can happen we need your help. Here’s what you do:

Follow the link HERE, and click “Vote for Us”.

It’s just that simple. No personal information to enter, no form to fill out, no hoops to jump through. The best part? You can vote every day until the contest ends on May 12!

The creative team has been hard at work in the kitchen coming up with new soft serve flavors, including soy-free and nut-free options, waffle cones, exciting topping, and so much more. We want to offer the best experience for you and your family. If you've been missing a satisfying soy-free option or wish we offered pints of our soft serve to go, help us make those a reality.

At Back to Eden, we are dedicated to offering our customers the best products in town. You are what makes Back to Eden so great and as a Thank You for voting, we are offering 10% off all our ice cream products if you come in between now and the 12th. Just mention that you voted for us in the Small Business, Growing Strong contest! With the temperature floating in the 80’s, what could be cooler?

Oh, and when you stop in, don't forget your punch card! Buy 10  ice cream treats and get a cone on us!

Celebrate March's Arrival With The Taste Of Lemon!

Posted on Mar 2, 2013
Have you noticed that spring is starting to sneak up on us again? Walking through the neighborhood this last week one can't help but see the signs everywhere: budding trees, the fresh green growth of perennials pushing through soil, a cacophony of songbirds emanating from the trees. Of course we love all the seasons for the unique set of blessings they bring but it's hard to deny that there is just something special about the return of the spring.

With it comes longer days and hopefully a little more sunshine. Our gardens are beginning to be reworked, we're staying out later with friends and celebrating the return of some of our favorite fruits and vegetables. Instead of all the comforting foods that nourished us all winter we now begin to seek out the cleansing foods and refreshing flavors of spring. With February now behind us and the equinox around the corner we're still in that in-between stage and the one ingredient that seems perfect to cleanse our palates and get us ready for the cornucopia that is on its way is lemon. Good for detoxing and strengthening the immune system, lemon is a wonderful fruit that when used in baking and sweets can't help but scream springtime and sunshine.

This week we debuted our Lemon Coconut Doughnut. Our 100% plant-based, vegan gluten-free doughnuts are baked not fried so if wondering how this fits into your spring cleanse you can consider it your reward at the end of it all and not feel as indulgent. Made with fresh organic lemons and pure organic coconut milk, this soy-free beauty has a lemon coconut cake with a zesty lemon glaze and toasted coconut flakes sprinkled on top. It might just be our favorite doughnut yet.

Lemon Cream is our special soft serve flavor this week. The light and fluffy texture of our dairy-free vegan soft serve combined with the refreshing organic lemon juice makes this one of our all-time favorite special flavors. It will be with us until next Wednesday at least but you can definitely expect to see it appear in the rotation from now on. Swirled with vanilla on a cone or all by itself this would make for great shakes, sundaes or bananas splits and we'd be curious to see what ends up being everyone's favorite topping add-ons.
We also brought the Lemon Coconut Cream Pie back from hibernation and not a moment too soon! The lemon custard filling with the silky white coconut cream top will remind you of a Lemon Meringue but without all the usual trans-fats and cholesterol inherent in its traditional version. Our buttery and flaky vegan gluten-free crust is the perfect shell for this tart and creamy goodness. While you might be tempted (and well within your right) to devour this all by yourself, don't let the 5" personal pie size fool you as it is certainly substantial enough to share with that special someone who brings you sunshine.

So there's a little glimpse at what we have blooming over here on Alberta Street. Before we leave you to salivate and plan your next visit to the bakery, we should let you know that beginning March 21st until the fall equinox come September we will be extending our open hours to be from 9am -10pm. That's one more hour that you now have to enjoy our tasty treats! We look forward to seeing you out and about more in the coming seasons. Happy March!