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New Year Updates!

Posted on Jan 13, 2016
Hello and happy 2016! We've been busy here at Back to Eden Bakery and have so much to update you all on. While most people look forward to things settling down after the holidays, we’ve kicked into high gear to provide you all with fresh, new products and compelling, engaging content. If you haven’t checked in with us recently, here’s what’s new with your favorite vegan bakery:
In case you were following our December Donation Drive, you’d be pleased to know that we’ve managed to raise over $300 in funds for three local, non-profit organizations with all of your help. If you don’t recall, those organizations are Outside In, Out to Pasture, and Solve!. All three organizations are wonderful, compassionate groups that truly embody everything that Back to Eden stands for, and we’re so grateful to you all for your contributions in an effort to cultivate support within our community. If you participated in this donation drive, then you’re probably curious as to which donation receipt was chosen as our $50 Back to Eden gift certificate winner - we’d like to congratulate Ann H. on being chosen as our gift certificate recipient! We hope Ann enjoys a lot of delicious baked goods with that money and hope to offer more events like this in the future so that everyone has a chance to be involved in Back to Eden’s message of compassion and sustainability.
Did you know that we now carry coffee at our SE Division location? That’s right - you can now enjoy a delicious cup of Trailhead Coffee along with any of our pastries at both locations! If you have been down to visit our SE Division location lately, you may have noticed our hours have changed. Currently, our cart is operating Sunday through Wednesday 10am-6pm, and Thursday through Saturday 9am-9pm. We plan to switch back to 9am-9pm 7 days a week once the weather shifts towards brighter, warmer days. You can expect that change to come in early March but until then, please don’t hesitate to visit us during our current operating hours. We also would like to extend a warm welcome to a new cart coming to Tidbit Food Pod next month - Tortoise & Hare. Tortoise & Hare is a farm-to-fork cart looking to bridge the gap between slow food and quick service. Food lovers from omnivores to vegans can expect to find a curated selection of hearty soups, rustic stews and tender braises being served up at the new Tortoise & Hare cart. We’re looking forward to sharing our space with another local, hard working company and encourage all of you to come visit us at Tidbit Food Pod to check out the wonderful space these carts have created.
Lastly, we’re very excited to announce that you’ll be seeing some new flavors and products popping up on our shelves over the next few weeks. One new product that we’re really looking forward to is our new and updated cheesecakes! It’s been awhile since you’ve seen cheesecakes on our shelves but we can assure you this will be an entirely new item and flavor profile. Be sure to keep an eye out for new items and if there’s anything we currently make that you haven’t indulged in yet - now is the time!
While there’s so much more we could indulge in right now, we’ll sign off here and encourage you to stay up to date on all of the exciting, new things happening around the bakery through our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter! We’re always rolling out new and fresh information through those sources so be sure to stay linked in. We thank all of you for your continued support and hope that 2016 is the best year for all of us!


With love and warmth,
Back to Eden Bakery