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Spring is here and we're growing!

Posted on Mar 18, 2015

Happy Spring! You made it through another Portland winter...well, almost! The Vernal Equinox is this Friday, March 20th at 3:45pm to be exact and we couldn’t be more excited to welcome in another growing season with you all. Many seeds were planted over the past winter and if you feel like you haven’t heard from us in a while its because we’ve been busy...germinating. You might have seen on Facebook or heard the chatter but we want you to know the rumors are true, Back to Eden Bakery is finally coming to SE Portland this spring!

Since we first opened up our storefront in 2009 we have thoroughly enjoyed serving the Alberta Street community and can’t imagine that relationship ever changing. That being said we know there is a lot more to Portland than just our little neck of the woods and we feel that it is time to grow another branch of the Back to Eden tree and extend our reach. When the good folks over at Tidbit Food Farm and Garden reached out to us with the invitation to join their thriving food cart pod at 28th and Division we knew that the time was finally right to expand.

So in January we began working on building our own food cart from the wheels on up Back to Eden Bakery style! All the pieces are still coming together but if you are trying to picture it think woodland cottage with vegan gluten-free pastries and ice cream! From the moment we started talking food carts we said that if we were going to do it it had to be the cutest food cart Portland has seen. Fortunately we were able to pull together the talents of many helping hands and we can say with confidence that our SE Division location will certainly have all the charm you’ve come to associate with our little shop on NE Alberta!

At this point it is still too soon to predict the exact date we will be opening as the next two weeks are most critical when all those pieces we mentioned will be coming together. As soon as we can tell you when we will but for now we just wanted to check in and give you something to look forward to! Over the weekend the cart was blessed to have our incredibly talented artist friend Flora Bowley paint a mural backdrop in her signature style. You might have noticed one of her works hanging in our shop since the day we opened and it only seemed fitting to have her help us establish Back to Eden’s food cart aesthetic. Needless to say it turned out beautifully and here are a couple of other shots that will serve as a preview of what’s to come!

Thank you for all your years of support and visiting us on NE Alberta Street where we hope to continue welcoming you for years to come. When we open up on SE Division Street next month we hope to make you feel as at home and as satiated as ever before. With these two bookend East side locations we intend for Spring 2015 to be huge leap forward for our company and it’s mission of bringing you the highest quality 100% plant-based vegan gluten-free baked goods Portland has to offer.

With your help we make it so!

More to follow! Thanks for reading! Be well!

John and Garrett
Back to Eden Bakery