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Love Is In The Air!

Posted on Feb 12, 2013

While we don't tend to get too caught up in the overly commercial holidays, something feels different this Valentine's Day.  It's as if 2013 has brought with it a renewed sense of optimism and a feeling that anything is possible.  Dare I say it, "Love" is most certainly "in the air".

If you come into the shop this week you are bound to feel it as everyone seems to be operating with a new spring in their step...some might even say a "joi de vivre."  Well that same zest for life is being worked into every tasty morsel we get to ply you with.  Every vegan gluten-free baked good, every sustainably grown cup of coffee, every non-dairy banana split is infused with the love we all share nourishing you, your friends and your families.

Well, in honor of these warm, fuzzy feelings we all have for you, we are adding a new item to our menu this week...Kombucha Floats!!  The idea may seem a little avant-garde for your tastes but we're certain that once you try one you'll agree it has a certain appeal.  Of course everyone loves a good Root Beer Float (and we still have those too) but why not enjoy a nostalgic and traditionally decadent treat with a modern twist and health benefits at the same time?  Not to mention you'll get a good dose of probiotics while you sip away reminiscing about your first love.
We've partnered up with our next door neighbor, Townshend's Tea Company, and started carrying their Brew Dr. Kombucha "Love" brew which has the essences of jasmine, lavender, damiana and rose petals, creating a unique and refreshing flavor that can't help but make one think of spring.  We sell the 14oz. bottles for $3.50 and then you can add our vanilla soy soft serve from Chicago Vegan Foods or Luna and Larry's Vanilla Island Coconut Bliss to make a delicious and healthier alternative to the classic float.

Some of you might be unfamiliar with kombucha and wondering how a dessert can be good for you. Although the details of the process are fascinating, in simple terms kombucha is an effervescent fermentation of sweetened tea that utilizes a symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast (SCOBY) that is sometimes referred to as a "Mother".

Like any good mother, this beneficial drink originating in Northern China claims many healing properties including 2.2% billion live and active cultures per bottle. Why not pour some "Love" over a few scoops of agave sweetened coconut-based ice cream or non-dairy soft serve? Depending on who you're talking to you might even consider it breakfast or lunch!

We have plenty of other sweet treats appropriate for your Valentine's Day. For all you chocolate lovers we will of course have our usual Chocolate Coconut Cream Pies,  mini cakes covered with a rich, velvety chocolate ganache, Chocolate Hazelnut Toffee Bars, Chocolate Nut Truffles and Raw Chocolate Fudge.  For that special someone with a love for opening up gift boxes, you can always hand pick four flavors from Missionary Chocolates and easily take them to go. In the floral department we'll have everyone's favorite Rosewater Sugar Cookie, Chocolate Lavender Soft Serve and Pistachio Rosewater or Strawberry Hazelnut Cupcakes!

Oh, the possibilities for romance abound and in the least we hope you show yourself some love by stopping in to savor it all.  Okay, this cupid is checking out now but before I go let's take a moment to remember the importance of keeping our hearts open and full, and as Gandhi once said, "Where there is love there is life".

With fond love and gratitude,

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