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Hello friends! We hope you all have had a great winter! As usual, we've been busy working behind the scenes to provide you with delicious and thoughtful plant-based baked goods. If you've stopped by either location recently it is likely you've seen some of these new products and flavors gracing our pastry cases. We always love the shifting of winter into spring because it gives us an opportunity to utilize fresh and innovative ingredients in our products. Not only does the change of seasons bring new flavor profiles, but the sights and smells of spring around the corner certainly piques our enthusiasm about the upcoming months.

Whether you celebrate with a significant other, a group of friends, or on your own - Back to Eden has some lovely treats coming your way for Valentine's Day. Starting Friday, February 12th, you'll find a variety of lovely items at both of our locations! We will be creating Valentine's Day themed cupcakes, cakes, brownies, whoopie pies, mini cakes, and cream pies all weekend long. Stop by and grab something to share with a loved one, or treat yo'self to something delicious.

In case you haven't heard, we created a new and delicious menu item for you to try! We are so excited about our latest cheesecakes and hope you are too. We are offering a classic style cheesecake in assorted flavors and styles, making it the perfect dessert for any occasion. You can enjoy our cheesecake topped with chocolate ganache, or a fresh berry compote such as blackberries, blueberries, raspberries, or strawberries. No event would be complete without one of these delicious desserts at your table! You can pick up a slice of this delicious treat in-store, or call ahead to place an order to pick up a whole cheesecake. We ask for 48 hours notice for all special orders, which can be placed via email or by calling us at (503) 477-5022.

Do you have a love for cake decorating? Back to Eden is currently looking for an inspired, passionate cake decorator to add to our team. If you or anyone that you know may be interested, please refer to our job posting on

As always, we appreciate the support and dedication from all of our customers and friends. We wish you all a prosperous 2016 and hope to expand Back to Eden's mission and outreach even further than before. We're working on some new and exciting oppurtunities that will make our baked goods more accessible to everyone and can't wait to share those things with you soon. We encourage you to stay in touch with us via instagram, facebook and twitter where you'll find specials, promotions, new products and more.

Best Regards,

Back to Eden Bakery


New Year Updates!

Posted on Jan 13, 2016
Hello and happy 2016! We've been busy here at Back to Eden Bakery and have so much to update you all on. While most people look forward to things settling down after the holidays, we’ve kicked into high gear to provide you all with fresh, new products and compelling, engaging content. If you haven’t checked in with us recently, here’s what’s new with your favorite vegan bakery:
In case you were following our December Donation Drive, you’d be pleased to know that we’ve managed to raise over $300 in funds for three local, non-profit organizations with all of your help. If you don’t recall, those organizations are Outside In, Out to Pasture, and Solve!. All three organizations are wonderful, compassionate groups that truly embody everything that Back to Eden stands for, and we’re so grateful to you all for your contributions in an effort to cultivate support within our community. If you participated in this donation drive, then you’re probably curious as to which donation receipt was chosen as our $50 Back to Eden gift certificate winner - we’d like to congratulate Ann H. on being chosen as our gift certificate recipient! We hope Ann enjoys a lot of delicious baked goods with that money and hope to offer more events like this in the future so that everyone has a chance to be involved in Back to Eden’s message of compassion and sustainability.
Did you know that we now carry coffee at our SE Division location? That’s right - you can now enjoy a delicious cup of Trailhead Coffee along with any of our pastries at both locations! If you have been down to visit our SE Division location lately, you may have noticed our hours have changed. Currently, our cart is operating Sunday through Wednesday 10am-6pm, and Thursday through Saturday 9am-9pm. We plan to switch back to 9am-9pm 7 days a week once the weather shifts towards brighter, warmer days. You can expect that change to come in early March but until then, please don’t hesitate to visit us during our current operating hours. We also would like to extend a warm welcome to a new cart coming to Tidbit Food Pod next month - Tortoise & Hare. Tortoise & Hare is a farm-to-fork cart looking to bridge the gap between slow food and quick service. Food lovers from omnivores to vegans can expect to find a curated selection of hearty soups, rustic stews and tender braises being served up at the new Tortoise & Hare cart. We’re looking forward to sharing our space with another local, hard working company and encourage all of you to come visit us at Tidbit Food Pod to check out the wonderful space these carts have created.
Lastly, we’re very excited to announce that you’ll be seeing some new flavors and products popping up on our shelves over the next few weeks. One new product that we’re really looking forward to is our new and updated cheesecakes! It’s been awhile since you’ve seen cheesecakes on our shelves but we can assure you this will be an entirely new item and flavor profile. Be sure to keep an eye out for new items and if there’s anything we currently make that you haven’t indulged in yet - now is the time!
While there’s so much more we could indulge in right now, we’ll sign off here and encourage you to stay up to date on all of the exciting, new things happening around the bakery through our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter! We’re always rolling out new and fresh information through those sources so be sure to stay linked in. We thank all of you for your continued support and hope that 2016 is the best year for all of us!


With love and warmth,
Back to Eden Bakery

Winter is upon us!

Posted on Nov 30, 2015

It’s official: winter is upon us! Rain, chilly temperatures, and fallen leaves are abundant. We’re feeling the effects of daylight savings time and moving into cold, damp days. While to some people that may sound bleak and unwelcoming, we at Back to Eden Bakery know that this only means great things! After such a hot, dry summer, we are welcoming this change with open arms. We feel moved by changing of seasons, and admire the way Mother Earth cleanses and regenerates during the frigid months. We find it both beautiful and inspiring!

In case you haven’t heard, we’ve been busy expanding our reach at Back to Eden, with the newest addition of our food cart located at 28th & SE Division. If you haven’t stopped by yet, we encourage you to visit us and enjoy the cozy setting that this food truck pod has to offer. We now carry hot drinks, coffee, and savory options there to compliment the chillier months ahead. In the midst of our hard work and countless hours, we feel so grateful for the wonderful Portland community in supporting us and what we do. We feel so blessed that we would like to give back to the community that we so love and admire during this holiday season..

During the entire month of December, we will be running a donation drive for three wonderful organizations working to make our community better for all its inhabitants.. Customers will have the option of donating an amount to any or all three groups, and each purchase will be automatically submitted into a drawing for a $50 Back to Eden Gift Certificate. Plus, the runner up will receive a Back to Eden T-Shirt! Every donation will count as an entry, and there will be no limit as to how many times someone can enter. The more you donate, the better chances you have of winning!

The first organization we are working with is Out to Pasture Sanctuary. They are a non-profit animal rescue that is located in Estacada, OR. Out to Pasture currently cares for 150 rescued, displaced, abused and neglected animals that otherwise would be suffering less fortunate fates. Out to Pasture opens up their farm for educational and volunteer purposes, without ever asking for any admission fees for any event. They simply wish to inform and educate people on the benefits of a vegan, compassionate, ethical lifestyle. You can learn more about Out to Pasture on their website,

The second organization we are partnering with is Outside In. Outside In is a local, non-profit group working towards providing homeless youth with resources necessary to better their lives and their surroundings. Outside In creates a safe, productive space for displaced young adults to access medical care, safe housing, counseling, employment, and more. Their efforts have done wonderful things to improve the lives of countless young adults, including being leaders in serving LGBT youth. You can learn more about Outside In on their website,

Lastly, we will be working with SOLVE as well. SOLVE is a non-profit organization that brings together individuals, business groups, and service and conservation groups through volunteering and education to restore our natural spaces and take good care of this great state of which we are all so proud. SOLVE facilitates Oregonians of all kinds coming together to volunteer, focusing on beach and illegal dump cleanup, planting native trees, removing invasive plants, and other environmental maintenance projects. SOLVE annually creates an average of 40,000 volunteer opportunities in 170 communities all across this diverse state. Feel free to learn more about SOLVE at

The holidays are rapidly approaching and it’s time to start planning your holiday meals. If you haven’t yet, stop by our store or check out our special orders page to explore all of the wonderful treats that could have a place on your holiday feast table. We are already accepting orders for Christmas and New Years, so don’t hesitate to place those orders soon. These spots do fill up quickly! Simply give the shop a call at 503-477-5022 or email to place an order.

Stay tuned for more blog updates through the months, as we anticipate new seasonal flavors, more donation drives, employee field trips, and more! Thank you all for your continued support and we wish you a safe and happy holiday season.

With warmest regards,

Back to Eden Bakery

A Very Personal Plea To Help Rebuild Nepali Homes Devastated By Earthquake

Posted on May 11, 2015

Greetings Friends and Supporters of Back to Eden,

Normally when we reach out to you as a business we aim to keep it non-personal and from the collective voice of Back to Eden Bakery. Well, today I am breaking protocol a bit and addressing you from my own perspective, as one of the co-owners of this outfit with a personal request to share. If you only come to this page or joined our newsletter to hear about our latest tantalizing treat I apologize in advance for any presumption on my part that you want to hear from me personally. I do know that one thing that draws all of you together onto the same “friends” list is your compassionate spirit and that is what I hope to appeal to in writing this post.

With that preface now out of the way I am going to do my best to keep this brief so you can really focus your attention to the matter at hand. One year ago today I lost my younger brother rather unexpectedly and needless to say it has been quite a journey learning to fully live again while holding onto that much grief. If I can say anything about healing from that kind of loss is that there is no better medicine than doing something to alleviate the suffering of others. So on the 1 year anniversary of the hardest moment my own family has ever suffered I would like to bring your attention to an opportunity to help out another family in desperate need of our support.

On April 25, 2015 Nepal was rattled by a devastating earthquake that has left many people homeless and without aid or relief. One of the families whose home was was destroyed happens to be very dear to our own family whom our stepmother first developed a profound connection with many years ago. She has organized a GoFundMe campaign to help rebuild homes in rural Nepal and this Mother’s Day she dedicated the campaign in my brother Joey’s honor. Would you please be so kind to read her story and consider making any kind of donation to help her reach her goal? I can assure you that every bit will go to this Nepali family directly. And if you prefer to show your support in another way Tuesday, May 12th we will be donating 25% of our total sales from our Alberta St. storefront and our Division St. food cart to help this GoFundMe campaign really succeed. From our family to yours we thank you for your generous spirit and continued support!

With warmest regards and an open heart,

John Blomgren
Co-Owner and General Manager
Back to Eden Bakery


Announcing Our New SE Division Street Food Cart Location!!

Posted on Apr 20, 2015

Until now fans of Back to Eden Bakery have had to be willing to travel to our NE Alberta storefront to get our 100% plant-based vegan gluten-free products. But now anyone living or working on the south side of Portland can find our entire baked goods and ice cream menu at our new bakery cart located at 28th Pl. & SE Division St!

Holding down the corner stall at the Tidbit Food, Farm & Garden cart pod you can’t miss our marquee “bakery” sign inviting you into a quintessentially Portland dining experience. Grab a meal from any of the 20 or so food carts offering anything from traditional Scandinavian food, hearty Hawaiian bowls, Earth Burgers and fries, wood fired pizza, waffle sandwiches or ramen noodles, (there’s even one featuring local microbrews and ciders) and then follow it all up with cupcakes, whoopie pies, milkshakes, sundaes or coconut cream pies. Are you drooling yet?

Back to Eden Bakery Division (open daily 9am-9pm) located at 2880 SE Division St. quietly opened April 15th and serves as a unique outdoor alternative to our adorably petite flagship cafe firmly rooted on Alberta Street. Offering a delectable array of cakes, pies, confections, morning pastries, non-dairy soft serve and so much more you’ll want to check out either one of our two eastside locations soon! Before the lines starting forming!

And stay tuned as we will be sharing more details about our Grand Opening event slated for Friday, May 1st.

Thank you for all your support,

Back to Eden Bakery


Spring is here and we're growing!

Posted on Mar 18, 2015

Happy Spring! You made it through another Portland winter...well, almost! The Vernal Equinox is this Friday, March 20th at 3:45pm to be exact and we couldn’t be more excited to welcome in another growing season with you all. Many seeds were planted over the past winter and if you feel like you haven’t heard from us in a while its because we’ve been busy...germinating. You might have seen on Facebook or heard the chatter but we want you to know the rumors are true, Back to Eden Bakery is finally coming to SE Portland this spring!

Since we first opened up our storefront in 2009 we have thoroughly enjoyed serving the Alberta Street community and can’t imagine that relationship ever changing. That being said we know there is a lot more to Portland than just our little neck of the woods and we feel that it is time to grow another branch of the Back to Eden tree and extend our reach. When the good folks over at Tidbit Food Farm and Garden reached out to us with the invitation to join their thriving food cart pod at 28th and Division we knew that the time was finally right to expand.

So in January we began working on building our own food cart from the wheels on up Back to Eden Bakery style! All the pieces are still coming together but if you are trying to picture it think woodland cottage with vegan gluten-free pastries and ice cream! From the moment we started talking food carts we said that if we were going to do it it had to be the cutest food cart Portland has seen. Fortunately we were able to pull together the talents of many helping hands and we can say with confidence that our SE Division location will certainly have all the charm you’ve come to associate with our little shop on NE Alberta!

At this point it is still too soon to predict the exact date we will be opening as the next two weeks are most critical when all those pieces we mentioned will be coming together. As soon as we can tell you when we will but for now we just wanted to check in and give you something to look forward to! Over the weekend the cart was blessed to have our incredibly talented artist friend Flora Bowley paint a mural backdrop in her signature style. You might have noticed one of her works hanging in our shop since the day we opened and it only seemed fitting to have her help us establish Back to Eden’s food cart aesthetic. Needless to say it turned out beautifully and here are a couple of other shots that will serve as a preview of what’s to come!

Thank you for all your years of support and visiting us on NE Alberta Street where we hope to continue welcoming you for years to come. When we open up on SE Division Street next month we hope to make you feel as at home and as satiated as ever before. With these two bookend East side locations we intend for Spring 2015 to be huge leap forward for our company and it’s mission of bringing you the highest quality 100% plant-based vegan gluten-free baked goods Portland has to offer.

With your help we make it so!

More to follow! Thanks for reading! Be well!

John and Garrett
Back to Eden Bakery


The Holidays Are Just Around The Corner...

Posted on Oct 27, 2014

...which means it is time to start placing your special orders! With our 100% plant-based vegan gluten-free desserts and pastries in the house your Thanksgiving and winter holidays are sure to be deliciously memorable. With all the running around that comes with this festive season you might want a little help lightening the load of your prep list. Whether you are looking for pies, cakes, cupcakes, whoopie pies or cookies, Back to Eden Bakery is more than happy to help impress those out-of-town guests. And keep in mind that we don't simply specialize in desserts! We also have a great line of morning pastries and savory bites that will keep you and your guests fueled as your dinner preparation gets underway! 

Check out our 2014 Holiday Special Order Pricing Guide linked below for more details! And remember, while we require 48 hours for all special orders the calendar can and will fill up fast so make sure to get those orders in as soon as you can! Simply give the shop a call at 503-477-5022 or email to place an order.


Celebrating 5 years on Alberta Street!

Posted on Sep 15, 2014

Hello Dear Friends!!

We hope this message finds you well and that you have thoroughly enjoyed your summer. It’s hard to believe that the Fall is finally upon us but it is true! Not only does the Autumn Equinox herald many new menu items and a change to our open hours but it also serves as our 5 Year Anniversary doing business on Alberta Street!! Only 50% of small businesses actually reach such a momentous milestone and we are humbly proud to be here! Of course we could not have achieved such a feat without the steadfast support of you, our loyal customers!!

So, we have many delicious things planned to celebrate and appreciate you for your patronage over the years!



Every Fall we change our hours back to closing at 9pm but this year we are going to be doing something a little different. Now that we have espresso going and school is back in session we recognize the need to begin opening an hour earlier. Beginning Monday, September 22nd our new open hours will be 8am-9pm to better accommodate our customers who might like to make a stop on the way to work or school. We look forward to starting our day even earlier with your smiling faces!


We say this every year and every year we mean it but around here the Fall is our favorite season.  Maybe it’s the subtle chill in the air, maybe it’s the romance of falling leaves or just the sheer excitement for the return of soup weather!  For us we relish the opportunity to bring you a new and dynamic menu full of flavor and innovation.  Every day of our anniversary week we will be introducing new menu items so you’d be advised to stay attuned. Here’s a little preview, however, of what’s to come:

Raw Lemon Bars

Buffalo Chicken Ranch Salad

Apple Fritter Scones

Chai Sugar Cookies

Sweet Potato Cream Pies

Raspberry Banana Coffee Cake

Pumpkin Boston Cream Pies

Maple Bourbon Ginger Cupcakes

Salted Caramel Apple Pies

Chard Bacon Leek Quiche

New Cascadia Bagels and so much more!!


Because it is our anniversary week and no small business succeeds without a loyal customer base we will be running a number of specials to show you our appreciation.

Monday-Friday- Anyone making a purchase of $25 or more will receive a free t-shirt! We have limited supplies however so make sure you get in before we run out!

ALSO...Monday-Sunday- Anyone making a food and/or drink purchase of any amount can enter to win a $50 Gift Card to spend at your leisure.  All you need to do is write your name and email address on the back of your sales receipt to enter. The winner will be contacted via email on Monday, September 22nd.


We are very excited to introduce our new Gift Cards that will replace our large, bulky paper gift certificates. Anyone who puts more than $5.00 on a gift card during our anniversary week will receive a coupon for a free single soft-serve! These cards can be loaded up with any dollar amount, reloaded indefinitely and used just like a credit card. Not only are these much cuter and easier to use but there is no fee per swipe. This means that with your help we can save on those pesky credit card processing fees! You can also register it online to check your balance! It’s super easy, eco-friendly and beats using credit cards!


Last but not least, we will be closing at 3pm on Monday, September 22nd to host an Appreciation Party for our beloved staff members. It’s a rare occasion to get everyone together and in order to make it possible we need to close early that day. Hopefully we can take care of all your needs during the hours of 8am to 3pm. Thanks for the understanding!!

So that’s where things stand this September here at Back to Eden Bakery! We are so delighted to be in a position to serve our beloved Portland community and hope to continue doing so for many years to come!! We look forward to celebrating with you this week and, if given the opportunity, personally thanking you ourselves!

Wishing you all the best,

In gratitude,

Back to Eden Bakery

Here's What's Sprouting This Spring!

Posted on Mar 4, 2014

Greetings friends!! 

We’ve only a few more weeks to go before we can officially say “welcome spring” and the budding trees are eager to congratulate you on making it through! It’s been a while since we’ve used this medium to reach out to you but that’s not to say its been all hibernation this winter. In fact, we have been busy crafting plans to make 2014 the most dynamic year Back to Eden Bakery has seen yet! Some ideas are still germinating but here’s a preview of some of the seeds we are planting this year.

As many of you know last year we partnered up with Trailhead Coffee Roasters to provide you with some of the best beans Portland has to offer. In the fall we finally added espresso to our menu with four non-dairy milk options to choose from. Well, this year we are incredibly proud to introduce our very own “Back to Eden Blend” co-created with the folks at Trailhead. Ethically sourced and sustainably grown, the beans in our custom blend come from Peru and Colombia through the Cafe Femenino Coffee Project. A social program focused on empowerment, network building and income generation,  every cup of coffee or retail bag you purchase helps to enhance the lives of women and their families in coffee growing communities around the world. Follow the links to learn more about Cafe Femenino, Trailhead Coffee Roasters and our coffee offerings.
In the baking department we have added many new exciting flavors that are sure to delight you this season:
Since we’ve been talking coffee, nothing pairs better than one of our morning pastries. Our Citrus Ginger Scone has been winning fans over since we introduced it last month. The perfect alchemy of fresh squeezed grapefruit juice, lemon zest and crystallized ginger this scone is not only perfection in flavor but its texture simply can’t be beat.
Inspired by your favorite childhood snack we’d like to introduce to you our latest dessert item (drumroll please...) our brand new PB&J Whoopie Pie! Just imagine two perfectly moist yet chewy peanut butter cookie cakes sandwiched together with a concord grape buttercream filling! To sum it up, heartwarmingly nostalgic and oh so delicious!!
If a light breakfast or brunch is what you are after you might want to consider our Biscuits with Mushroom Gravy. Just this week we stepped it up a notch by giving you the option of adding a housemade gluten-free walnut oat sausage patty. Hearty, savory and seriously satisfying, this new menu item is sure to be a hit. Word to the wise, the early bird gets the worm if you know what we mean!
Last but not least, we’d like to show you all a little customer appreciation for sticking with us this winter and braving the elements to show us your support. Last year we collaborated with our friends over at Seed Garden Designs to create the perfect image for our new t-shirts. Inspired by our company’s mission to plant something in return, the image not only bears a message of hope and renewal but are locally printed using American Apparel’s sustainable tee made of 100% organic cotton. For the rest of the month you can save 50% on our t-shirts when you make a $25 purchase or more in store. And to really show you our appreciation we will be raffling away five t-shirts on April 1st. No purchase necessary! No fooling! To enter all you have to do to is use the Contact form on our website.
As you can see 2014 is off to a great start around here and we will be making more of an effort to keep you dialed in and inspired. Checking in with our blog is one way to stay informed and don’t forget to visit our Facebook page, Instagram and Twitter for more up to the moment information.

We are so grateful to be of service to you and wish you all the best as always!

Back to Eden Bakery



Posted on Nov 15, 2013
Anyone who has visited our shop before knows what a petite space it is and yet we somehow manage to make magic happen in there in spite of that fact. With over thirty handcrafted baked goods in rotation daily, an impressive ice cream shake/sundae menu and a nice assortment of savory lunch options we’d like to think that we are working it out. Well, we are quite proud to say that this week things just got a lot better around here.

For the four plus years we have been doing business in our humble little shop at 2217 NE Alberta Street the number one request we have gotten from our customers is espresso. Given the limited counter space and close quarters we have always assumed that it was more than our shop could bare but alas we have made it happen! Espresso is finally here!

Now you can get your caffeination on when you stop by for your morning pastry, getting your lunch to go or are picking up your special order cake. We are delighted for the partnership we have with Trailhead Coffee Roasters who produce some of the highest quality beans here in Portland. Our milk choices include soy, rice, hazelnut and hemp so you definitely have options. And if mochas or flavored lattes are your fancy we source fair-trade organic chocolate and flavor syrups from Holy Kakow.

We’d like you consider Back to Eden Bakery your go-to source for a quality cup of coffee as well as your favorite 100% plant-based vegan gluten-free bakery! Thank you for all your patience and support over the years. We heard the demand and are so happy we were able to respond!

P.S. While we have your attention we want to remind you that we are now actively taking special orders for the upcoming Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. Please refer to the ordering guide below and keep in mind that all orders need to be placed by either Monday, November 25th or Sunday, December 22nd respectively. The calendar will fill up, however, so do yourself a favor and give us a call soon!

Wishing you all the best and a happy holidays!

Back to Eden Bakery