We wouldn’t be where we are without the help of our community and we take it as our sacred responsibility to give back whenever we can. Starting with our local neighborhoods and businesses Back to Eden is actively involved in growing a healthy community through non-profit donations, event sponsorships and participation. We have supported: Basic Rights Oregon, NPR/OPB, Planned Parenthood, NW Veg, Sisters of the Road, Portland Women’s Crisis Line, Oregon Food Bank and Alberta Main Street just to name a few.  As well as countless schools, community events, environmental/animal welfare organizations that work to create a sustainable, just and hopeful future for all beings.


Our first commitment will always remain to stewarding this planet we are lucky enough to call home. We believe “tread as lightly as possible and plant something
in return” to be our most important motto. In our operation we source only plant based ingredients (organic and/or sustainable whenever possible) we recycle everything we can, compost all food scraps, use natural cleaning products, offer compostable to-go ware, and donate our coffee grounds to a local backyard garden. However Back to Eden can minimize our ecological footprint we will.