Our Ingredients

We source ingredients we are proud of. Many of our ingredients are organic and we use local produce, nuts and fresh fruit whenever we can. Even in the winter all of our frozen berries are sustainably harvested throughout the summer here in Oregon. We have customers and friends tell us they can taste the quality, we think you will as well.

Allergen Information

We are a gluten-free bakery meaning no airborne wheat floating around. We no longer purchase or use any wheat/gluten in our production or in any of the products we sell in the shop.  We do use a number of nuts in our baking including peanuts and many tree nuts. We do everything we can to avoid cross contamination of baked goods so that when you are ordering something soy free or nut free you are getting a completely soy/nut free product. However, keep in mind that these items are produced in a shared facility if you or a loved one are extremely sensitive.