About the Bakery

A Neighborhood Bakery for Everyone

No matter what your sensitivity, gluten, soy, dairy or sugar, Back to Eden is baking for you!  We have slowly evolved into an all gluten-free bakery and we have never used animal ingredients from the start.  Some of our most popular items even happen to be raw.  We are also very aware of our customers who are sensitive to soy and sugar and bake a number of treats for them too.  Your health and our planet are truly our first priorities and we believe at Back to Eden, that shows.  Whether you are the one with an allergy or perhaps it's one of your kids or friends you can be sure that we will satisfy your sweet tooth and theirs.


It’s difficult to say when this all began because in some ways Back to Eden has always been a seed lying in wait. If we're getting technical it all started in 2007 when we bought our first home in the Cully neighborhood of NE Portland and turned our garage into a commercial kitchen. We immediately tore up our front lawn to plant an organic vegetable garden and took off into the unknowns of running a wholesale vegan bakery business. After giving that a go and receiving some great feedback we made the next inevitable leap and opened our very own retail location on Alberta St. in 2009. Finally able to serve the Portland community directly took this adventure to the next level and we have been growing strong ever since. In the fall of 2011 we were finally able to graduate our operation into a beautiful baking facility conveniently located behind the Alberta St. storefront. We're certain Back to Eden will continue to evolve along the way and with deep Portland roots we look forward to nourishing this community with plant based cuisine for many years to come.

John Blomgren

Co-Owner/General Manager

Garrett Jones

Co-Owner/Executive Chef